The HamSphere Fox Hunt
2014-04-20 16:18

New Fox Hunt

LATEST UPDATE 28 April 2014: The Fox Hunt was a success. A total of 3200 foxes were logged. Result of this hunt will be presented shortly.

The Amateur Radio term "Fox Hunting" refers to another kind of Radio Direction Finding (RDF) contest, done completely on foot in large woods and parks. It's a map and compass sport similar to orienteering, with about a half-dozen "fox" transmitters to find in a period of two hours or so. Someday this sport, which is also called foxtailing, foxteering and radio-orienteering, may become an Olympic event. Meanwhile, it's a fun-filled activity for your Hamfests and Scout Jamborees.

On HamSphere we can't do directional finding, but we can hide transmitters.
We have hidden 5 Ham Radio fox transmitters on all bands of HamSphere except BC.
Foxes are ID’d as: MOE, MOI, MOS, MOH and MO5. They all transmit with slow Morse code with 100 milliwatts so they can be difficult to spot if propagation is low. This particular hunt will start 20th of April 2014 00.00 UTC and end 27th of April 2014 23.59 UTC and the objective is to log as many foxes as possible.

The fox hunting is not about Morse code. You can just count the dots in the last character of the ID. To ID the Foxes, for example MOE will transmit Dah, Dah followed by Dah, Dah, Dah followed by Dit.

Please log UTC, QRG and Fox-ID in your logbooks. The Fox transmitters are moving around and use different frequencies and bands. There is a 1.5 sec carrier wave before ID to make it easier to spot them.

10 Winners will be rewarded free subscription extensions.

You can listen to a fox demo transmitter on 6210 kHz, Frankfurt server #2. It transmits with 0.1 Watts every 15 seconds.

The Hunt is on!